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2018 Panels

Alphabetized list of panels and descriptions.

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Adaptions: Books vs. Movies

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Ever see a horror film adaption you liked better than the source material? Or one that was completely ruined because it didn’t follow the book closely enough? Panelists will talk about books vs. movies, and how sometimes film is better — and sometimes it isn’t. (We promise we’ll cover more than *just* Stephen King material!)

Bad Seeds: Raising Children to Love Horror

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Are you interested in introducing your child to the horror genre? Have you already started to, but are wondering where to go next? Get advice from seasoned parents who have raised their children to love horror and not be afraid. From Scooby Doo to IT, where should you draw the line?

Black Representation in Horror

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

From the early years of voodoo and zombie movies, to Blaxploitation and modern thrillers like Get Out. The influence of black lives can be found throughout the genre from its beginning. This panel will not only talk about black cinema’s past, but its present, and future as well.

Blood and Ink: Horror Comics

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Professional comic artists, writers, and collectors discus both current and classic horror comics. Examples will be shown, and a limited amount of free comics will be handed out.

Blood into Pulp: Paperback Horror

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Before home video the paperback reigned supreme. Come and listen to experts and enthusiasts of the subject discus their favorite titles, best cover art, film adaptions, and a brief history of paperback books as it pertains to the genre of horror.

Casket List

Day: Saturday |  Time: 9:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

The most entertaining and outrageous panel from 2017 returns. Join a diverse group of panelists as they discuss what horror actor or character they would have sex with given the chance. Would they survive the encounter? Does it matter? All genders and sexual identities are welcome and will be represented.

Dead Media Collectors

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

VHS, BETA, Laserdisc, CED, Super 8, and many other forms of obsolete media will be discussed by avid collectors. Examples will be shown, and tips on hunting prized titles will be given.

Decade of Fear: A Discussion of Every Slasher Movie From 1980-1989

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

*At the beginning of the panel you’ll receive a list of every slasher movie released between 1980 and 1989 that is yours to keep.

Follow along with experts of the sub-genre as they talk about the very best, the absolute worst, and every slasher movie inbetween.

Film Makers Workshop: Cinematography

Day: Saturday |  Time: 1:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

Filming a movie is more than just pointing a camera and yelling action. Learn about different types of cameras, lenses, shots, lighting techniques, and everything to do with actually capturing an image for the screen.

Film Makers Workshop: Directing a Movie

Day: Saturday |  Time: 12:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

What exactly does a director do? What tools and skills do you need to posses to get the job done? Learn all this and more from professional directors.

Film Makers Workshop: Distributing Your Film

Day: Saturday |  Time: 7:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

You’ve made your film now how to you get it seen? Hear from professional film makers about not only how they managed to get their films distributed, but also the trials and tribulations that come with it.

Film Makers Workshop: Editing

Day: Saturday |  Time: 3:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

“The essence of cinema is editing” —Francis Ford Coppola
Editing is one of, if not thee most difficult part of film making. It is a true art form that takes both skill and talent. Learn about software, organization, and technique from professionals that have edited film and video for both TV and the movies.

Film Makers Workshop: Film Festivals

Day: Saturday |  Time: 6:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

Submitting your movie to film festivals can be overwhelming. Luckily we’ve compiled a panel of local film festival organizers to tell you exactly what the selection process is like and what you can do to ensure your film gets selected.

Film Makers Workshop: Practical Special Effects and Makeup

Day: Saturday |  Time: 3:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

We’ve come a long way from chocolate syrup and and grease paint. Learn exactly how professional artists have created some of your favorite gory effects and creepy characters.

Featured artist Mick Strawn (Whichboard, The Kindred, Blade, Tales from the Darkside, Critters 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Candyman, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Freddy’s Nightmares, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, The Hidden, and many many more)

Film Makers Workshop: Recording Audio for Film

Day: Saturday |  Time: 5:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

Easily the most overlooked part of film making. Poor audio quality can ruin your film as quickly as poor cinematography, poor acting, or any other major aspect of film making. Learn about equipment, technique, and software from seasoned professionals.

Film Makers Workshop: Scoring and Arranging Music for Film

Day: Saturday |  Time: 4:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

A film’s score can elevate it from mediocre to magical. Learn how exactly the professionals create and use music to help tell the story and lend to the over all feel of a movie.

Film Makers Workshop: Screenwriting

Day: Saturday |  Time: 2:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 2

Do you have a great idea for a movie but are not sure what format to put it in? Are you curious about which software to use to help you write your script? What about the most effective and compelling way to tell your story? Learn everything you need to know from screenwriters who’ve actually seen their scripts made into feature films and TV shows.


Seth M. Sherwood (Leatherface, London Has Fallen), K.L. Young (The Thing on the Doorstep), Vanessa Williams (A&E’s Hoarders, Red Summer, Hart), John Lovett (screenwriting professor)

Film Makers Workshop: Where to Start

Day: Saturday |  Time: 11:00 am |  Location: Cascade 2

Overcome your fears and realize your dreams as you learn exactly where to start when it comes to making your own movie.

Film Makers Workshop: Women Making Films

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

More and more women are getting behind the camera and making their own films. Our panel of women filmmakers will share their experiences and advice about working in film. This panel is appropriate for all ages and all levels of experience.

Gender Roles in Horror Films

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

We know that horror can be empowering or misogynist toward women from the final girl to disposable victim. Male representation can be problematic also by highlighting violence, impulsivity, and patriarchy. This panel will delve deeper into binary gender roles in the horror film, exploring sexism, feminism, toxic masculinity, rape culture, and empowerment.

Hopelessness in Horror: No Way Out

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Whether it’s the hollow feeling of despair as a film comes to a close or the twist in your gut at a bleak opening that promises no happy ending, creators of the darkest films use a theme of hopelessness to up the tension, mood, and take you on a ride you already know is doomed. The panelists will discuss the ways in which films use despair as a key ingredient to make the darkest films—whether it’s a film like Green Room or Hounds of Love to the extremes of Martyrs and A Serbian Film.

HorrorTube Workshop

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

The horror community on YouTube is growing and there is always room for new creators—all you need is an idea and the right tools. From basics of creating a channel and building your brand to creating your first video, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take you through planning, filming, editing, as well as how to find your audience and make money creating horrific content.

Not Quite Hollywood: Ozplotation

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Some of the nastiest, grittiest horror films in recent years have come from the land down under. Let’s discuss some of these films and the legacy of Ozploitation.

Podcasting Workshop

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Come learn about what you need to know from the pros. Topics such as software, hardware, editing, publishing, and every aspect of production will be discussed.

Queer Horror

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

What does it mean to identify with the monster? A look at the not-so-niche and vast expanse of queered horror.

Moderated by Anthony Hudson/Carla Rossi

Real Life Slashers: A History of Serial Killers

Day: Saturday |  Time: 7:00 pm |  Location: Evergreen 3

In 1985 the term “serial killer” became a household phrase, but the actual act of serial killing has existed almost as long as there has been recorded records. Join us in you’d like to learn about proper terminolgy and criteria. Addionally a brief history of the subject will be presented, including discussion on both mainstream and lesser known killers.

Retrospective: The Films of John Carpenter

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

In 1978 Halloween was unleashed upon the world. Forty years later and John Carpenter has become a household name. Let’s talk about his legacy and influence on the genre as well as his filmography as a whole. From Dark Star to The Ward and everything between.


Stephen King on Film & TV: The Good, the Bad, and the Unsung

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

2017 was a great year for Stephen King adaptions, with several new titles including IT on the big screen and Gerald’s Game on Netflix. In the 41 years since Brian De Palma’s adaptation of Carrie, King’s works have been adapted dozens of times over on the big screen and small. Join us as we explore the best (Shawshank Redemption), the worst (so, so many), and the one’s you don’t know but should (Silver Bullet).

Story Writing Workshop

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

This six part workshop covers everything you need to know about pursuing your dream in writing fiction. You can learn from professional writers how they construct their stories, character development, different software you can use, as well as many other useful tips and tricks. Additional information to come.

The Women of Hannibal

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Bryan Fuller’s adaption of Thomas Harris’ novels was groundbreaking and a near instant cult classic. It has changed broadcast television forever by depicting many taboos previously censored by the FCC. Hannibal not only broke boundaries with its gore and violence, but it also had strong and compelling female characters not often seen on TV. This panel discusses what made these characters so unique.

True Tales of Murder

Day: Saturday |  Time: 9:00 pm |  Location: Cascade 3

Are you fascinated with terrifying killers? Do you want to learn about some of the worst from some of the Pacific Northwest’s most twisted minds? Join us!

WARNING: Some presentations may contain graphic images or footage of murder victims. Attend at your own risk. 18+

Weird History of the Pacific Northwest

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Join Kim Douthit as she guides you through the weird history of the Pacific Northwest. From murder to Black Magic, haunted houses, and dark tales of the cruel people that shaped the communities we live in.

Wrestling with Fear: A History of Horror in the Ring

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

Horror has had its influence on professional wrestling almost since its beginning. Join us as we discuss horror related story lines, mainstay characters (Mankind, the Undertaker, Kane, Sting, etc.), and the absolute upsurd like Chucky’s cameo on WCW’s Monday Nitro.

WTF?! The Most Absurd Things We’ve Seen in Horror Films

Day: TBD |  Time:  |  Location: TBD

We’re talking about the weirdest haunted objects, the most outrageous weapons, scenes that made you laugh, scenes that made you sick, and scenes that made you ask yourself outloud in a crowded theater “seriously?!” From possessed singing pizzas to corn cobs as murder weapons, nothing is off the table.

What's Your Horror Happy?

We are the fans, and what you love in the horror genre is important to us. Who do you want to meet? What would you like to see crawl from the screen into your hands? Tell us your suggestions for guests, exhibitors, and events, and we’ll do our best to make your nightmares come true!

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