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2017 Exhibitors

Welcome to all of our Vendors, Authors and Artists, and Production Companies and Film Houses who will help us celebrate Crypticon 2017 at the DoubleTree Seatac! Take a minute to view all of our featured talent below. More information for vendors can be found here, including vendor room hours and policies. Click here to read our Exhibitor Rules and Policies. If you'd like to advertise with the convention, visit our ads page for more info

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When the Dead Books

When the Dead Books is a small book company based in Seattle, WA. Run by owner and author Michelle Kilmer, WtD Books brings horror, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction from herself and other indie writers to you.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 104

ZOMS Plush Zombies

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re hungry… for braaaaaaains! That's right, the ZOM plague has begun. Watch out--they'll steal your heart along with a few other choice body parts.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 8

Attention Span Games

Attention Span Games & Garb represents over 40 local crafters that make everything from Leather wear and Jewelry to props and other acts of Nerditry.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 113

Darkside Media LLC

Darkside Media LLC is an independent publishing company dedicated to the development and creation of high quality, owner created content with a focus on revitalizing the horror genre for a new generation.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 112


Fabric bags, poutches, earbud/eyeglass cases, headbands/head wraps, infinity scarves: all in geeky, horror cotton and jersey knit fabrics

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 115

Sigh Co. Graphics/Arkham Bazaar

Your one stop Cthulhu shop! Original design horror t-shirts and apparel, DVDs, books, and accessories.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 106

Arctic Phoenix Studios

Cast resin bird and small mammal skulls and accessories made using them.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 1

The Art of C D Poe

I’m an artist and, as such, subject to much distraction and whimsy. I’m completely self-taught, inspired by pin-up models, tattoo art, mythology and urban fantasy. I started drawing very early in life.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 30

Stick Dragon Products

Stick Dragon Products started as a film company and still shows a great passion for great cinema. I hope to share an ever expanding love of nerd culture, with a touch of class.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 36

Sweetgyrl Designs

Vintage trading cards and more...Retro fun for everyone!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 107

Catalyst Studios

Catalyst Studios has provided high quality replica skulls and horror props in the NW since 1999. Teamed with the intricate jewelry artistry of T M Originals, a one stop gothic/horror/steampunk superstore

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 128

Martha Hull

Cute and deadly art and picture books.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 33

Creative Scentsations

Gothic, punk, steampunk clothing, accessories, masks, jewelry, hair accessories. Dragon and fairy figurines.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 108

Zanne’s Unique Boutique

Hand-crafted jewelry and collectibles

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER:

Darkmoon Faire

We make and feature original steampunk, gothic and unique jewelry and accessories. We also create one of a kind decor.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 142-143

RACK Leather Goods

RACK Leather does everything from the traditional cuffs and collars and other leather toys to elegant clothing with a kink twist. Our product line is always expanding, so check back often for new products.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 132

Deeply Dapper

Artwork, books, podcasts, handmade soaps, flasks, buttons and more! Deeply Dapper- better living through tentacles!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 122

Jason Edward Davis – Queer Horror

Jason Edward Davis is an awkward painter who loves drunk kittens, sexy bears, angry whales, and other horror movie characters. Queer Horror is a bi-monthly movie screening

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 150

Feenstra Art

My artwork is very vibrant and has a strong graphic hand and playful attitude. I have a nice selection of prints, stickers and other merchandise.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 32

Winter’s Edge Leathercraft

Hand crafted leather masks, completely designed and constructed from scratch by Ian. They are created from hand cut and stitched leather, with LED eyes that work on a self-contained circuit/battery pack

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 153


Do you hear the scratching in the walls? What was that shadow at the window? Why do so many socks go missing? Check the cupboards and under the stairs; your world is full of monsters.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 154

Nick Gucker

ART CREEP! Monster and horror culture art!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 37

Creator’s Edge Press

Creator’s Edge Press is a small company focused on helping independent creators print and distribute their comics and graphic novels, a stepping stone for the early career creator.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 141

Friday Afternoon Tea, LLC.

The original geeky tea shop, selling tasty teas to thirsty nerds!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 114


Sunofapirate! is an adult toy store you can take your mother to! Full of abominations you can cuddle up to all night long. We specialize in unusual stuffed animals. We also do custom commission work!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 22

Scary White Girl Designs

Scary White Girl Designs makes crocheted accessories, toys, and geeky things for people of all ages.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 29

The Art of Greg Scott Bailey

Creator, Artist and wanna-be writer of the web comic series Polly Technolust, as well as the comic book in-production Universe of Nexus-Earth.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 28

Fingers Duke

We are Fingers Duke, the t-shirt printers!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: lobby

Comics4Kids INC

Comics4Kids INC is a Pacific Northwest based comic book reading Library and national 501 (c) (3) charity! We also give comics to kids to improve literacy and encourage imagination!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: hallway


A combination of Cartoon and Horror art and a lot of fun along with Glass pendants and earnings that range from body parts to tentacles. Where AHHHH!! meets Awwwe. and Cute meets creepy

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 16

Belly Wiggle Blooms

Belly Wiggle Blooms. Dark and twisted hair fascinators, and clips.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 151

Haunted Home

Offering handmade art and assorted barware

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 151

Blysster Press

Blysster Press is a new kind of publisher for a new kind of world. All profits go directly to our authors, not the publishing house! Incredible, exciting, titillating stories in all genres

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 34-35

Chelsea Danekas

Seattle-based cartoonist specializing in high fantasy and comics.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 23

Darke Designs

John Donald Carlucci is an Illustrator, Photo-manipulator, and digital painter experienced in everything from monsters to rocketships.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER:

Apocalypse Ink Productions

Apocalypse Ink Productions is an independent press focused on dark speculative fiction and horror in its fiction line and online based writing tutorials in its non-fiction line.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 136

Cast of Thousands Studio

Tim Peirson is a sculptor and special makeup effects and character artist trained by the one and only Dick Smith.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 133

Art by Faina

Faina Lorah is a Russian-born surrealist oil painter based in the Pacific Northwest. Her award-winning style combines fantastical dreamscapes, spirituality, and Victorian elegance.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 2

Blue Moon Weaver

Blue Moon Weaver will be featuring Spirit Guided Readings and Vintage Couture Clothing at Crypticon. There's sure to be a bit of magic in every stitch and turn of the card.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 105


Necklaces, trinkets and thingamajigs charmingly handcrafted for you. I will also take special requests and personalize specifically for you. We are only limited by your imagination.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 27

Little Vampires

Illustrator Rebecca Hicks creates monster fun for all ages. Join her Little Vampires as they celebrate their 10th anniversary!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 18

Dark Dee Lights Artistry

Me and my little black tree! Art Dark Whimsy ~ The Irregular Ornaments

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 149

Susanne L. Lambdin

Susanne Lambdin, author of the Dead Hearts Novel series, a/k/a The Zombie Lady, breakthrough zombie apocalypse is contagious.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 25

Petrifying Posters & Paper

Petrifying Posters & Paper features original/vintage horror, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure posters, pulps, books, art and other related memorabilia.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 102

Occams Edge

Blades & weaponry for every occasion, use, and budget! Look for historic, fantasy/anime and daily use knives & swords; plus Pirate & Celtic accessories, Replica Flintlock pistols, drinking horns and more!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 101

Yosiell Lorenzo

I create Victorian era inspired illustrations that have the subtle feel of the sepia toned photos of the 1800’s. I also hand cast resin figures based on a world Ive created, Black Twig Forest.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 26

eli wolff

Eli Wolff is a painter of horror themed fine art as well as funny pop culture mashups. He will have art prints, stickers, magnets, and original paintings available.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 20

Alcove LLC

I am doing something that I’ve always longed to do. I’ve started a business where I get to sculpt, fabricate, mold, cast, and paint all sorts of wonderful, weird, bizarre creations.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 9


Fan of sexy demon ladies, tentacles, #mouthboobs? I got you covered. Come browse the work's of Ms. Bon-Binky, ranging from colourful yet dark illustrations, sexy/creepy makeup design, and custom toys.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 12


My artistic manifestation is of beliefs that sexuality, religion, power, and corruption in both social and personal environments are slowly driving us towards an impending doom.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 4

Dani Harper, Paranormal Fantasy Author

Ghosts, Werewolves, Faeries and more! Legend, lore, love, and magic! Dani Harper is a multi-published author reviewed by Publishers Weekly, and a national RITA award finalist.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 21

Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique

Authentic steel bone women's corsets & men's vest, steampunk & goth clothing and accessories and men's & women's kilts!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 137

Fine Art and Illustration by Larry Williams

My name is Larry Williams. I am a full time working artist from Portland, OR. I specialize in the fantasy and the macabre, and am specifically known for my unique take on pop culture and horror portraits.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 103

The Hands That Heal Center for the Healing Arts

The individual's whole well-being is my goal. I believe in empowering clients to learn to heal themselves. Come visit the booth for a massage during the convention!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: lobby

Scott Kraynak

I am a professional artist from Cleveland, Ohio constantly exploring new art styles, techniques and methods to express my creepy visions and thoughts, as well as my social and environmental beliefs.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 6

Lynn Rosskamp

I have a webcomic, The Cinefiles, dedicated to all things film. Though not exclusively horror focused, all of October is about scary movies and I do touch on horror and sci-fi a lot throughout the year.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 11

Adopt a Creepy Doll

Adopt a Creepy Doll features "creepy cute" reborn dolls available for adoption from the Cemetery of Forgotten Dolls collection. Please visit Adopt a Creepy doll on Facebook, Instagram or

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 5

Exceptional Families Network

We believe all children with Special Needs are Exceptional. Thank you for supporting children and their families who deal with disabilities, dibility or difference.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: hallway

Brigid’s Whispers

"Adornments For The Strange And Unusual"
Specializing in handcrafted costume/cosplay jewelry and accessories.
Gothic ~ Steampunk ~ Fantasy
Fascinators, Resin Jewelry, Chainmaille and other accessories

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 120-121

Dave Ryan Pop Art

Dave Ryan paints pop art on found and recycled records and thrift-store paintings. He became a full time artist in 2008 after breaking his neck in a diving accident, and has since made a full recovery.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 126

Haunted Nightmare at the Nile

Haunted Nightmare at the Nile, located just north of Seattle, immerses you in your deepest, darkest nightmares. Our multiple haunted attractions open in October and benefit the Nile Shriners organization.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 111

Vinegar Syndrome

Vinegar Syndrome is an horror, cult film focused distribution company and film archive located in Bridgeport, CT. We restore films to Blu Ray and DVD.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 127

Print Ritual

Print Ritual provides original occult designs for apparel, patches, pins & stickers.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 140

Mellifera Arts

A haunting showcase of the macabre, the ghoulish, and the darkly enchanting. Nightmares from the mind and hand of Melissa Alford. Surreal black and white illustration to adorn your lair.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 125

Costumed Characters for Causes Group

Non-Profit-group-run photo booth to raise money for charity

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: lobby

Grivante Press

Publishing page turning horror and speculative fiction!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 124


Jay Palmer is the author of numerous historical fiction and fantasy novels, including his most recent: "Dracula, Deathless Desire"

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 14

The Loudest Introvert

Alejandro Gomez is a self-publishing his debut comic book series, "The Leather Of The Whip," along with original and fan art and other exclusive content

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 19

Crypticon Minneapolis

Part of the Crypticon convention family and one of our sponsors

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 166

Crypticon Kansas City

Part of the Crypticon convention family and one of our sponsors

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 166

Nightmare at Beaver Lake

Nightmare At Beaver Lake is Seattle area’s largest indoor/outdoor haunted house and one of Crypticon's sponsors

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 160-161

Diamond Tattoo & Body Piercing

An award winning tattoo shop located in the heart of downtown Renton. We feature a talented staff of both Body Piercers and Tattoo artists.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 157-158

TAP Plastics

US distributor of E-glass and S-2 glass fabris, Polyester and epoxy resins, plastics and one of our sponsors

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 162

Blacky Shepherd

Blacky Shepherd is a Seattle based comic book and pinup artist. He's worked on Vampirella and Voltron for Dynamite and is currently at work on 'Brawler' coming in 2017.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 7

Art By Danie

Resides north of Seattle, recently graduated digital gaming & design student who focused on both 2d&3d art. Primary focus is digital art, currently exploring different art styles

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 13

Scary Tales Publishing

Write and self publish a line of indie horror comics. Check out my website at

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 119

Wordsmith Crystal Connor

Master Imaginationist and Instagram photographer Crystal Connor, a Washington State native is the Chief Imagineer working for the Department of Sleep Prevention’s Nightmare Division.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 159

The MAD Bombers

Custodian By Day! Mad Bomber by night! We specialize in the dark side of bath products! Coffin Bath Bombs, Skull Soaps! You Name it!

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 131

Suzanne Phillips

Hand-crafted jewelry and collectibles

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 134

Adam’s Comics & Collectibles

I represent former Fox Animation Studios artist Len Simon. He's an accomplished Horror artist who is based out of Phoenix Arizona. Prints and other merchandise with his images applied.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 144


Awesome art printed on recycled ephemera

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 152

Creative Souls Tattoo Studio

Creative Souls is a Tattoo and Piercing studio located in Everett Wa. We believe that quality tattoo work should be affordable

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 117-118

Carlyfornia From The Land Beyond

DVD, BLURAY, Original horror art, posters, signed memorabilia, apparel

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 155-156

Nerd Wood Designs

Mixing my interests in woodworking, graphic design and geeky-themed fandoms, I create wall art and crafts out of wood. I also incorporate mediums such as reclaimed hardware, mixed-media and even candles.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 148

T.M. Originals

My name is Tamera Mickelson and I’m a jewelry artist! I make distinctive wearable art that stands out in a crowd! I use a variety of techniques to create my pieces

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER:

CrazedPixel Comics

A table of three creators, Alex and James Murd of CrazedPixel and the rockstar Scott Roller, with their twisted array of metal macabre delights.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 15

Devon Devereaux

Devon Devereaux: artist working out of San Diego, CA. Creator of Phantomburger, Creepy Tiki, Tales of Hot Rod Horror. Artist of The Littlest Bitch, , Josh Lobster and more.

Visit Website | BOOTH NUMBER: 135

What's Your Horror Happy?

We are the fans, and what you love in the horror genre is important to us. Who do you want to meet? What would you like to see crawl from the screen into your hands? Tell us your suggestions for guests, exhibitors, and events, and we’ll do our best to make your nightmares come true!

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