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Every year, Crypticon hosts a variety of contests where the best in the area get a chance to showcase their skills.


crypticon seattle writing contestAll year long, local writers put pen to paper in preparation for the Writing Contest, hosted by Blysster Press, for a chance to win a coveted publishing contract and cash prize, as well as a beautifully handcrafted award.
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crypticon seattle makeup contestThe Makeup Contest entrants go through a rigorous pre-convention process for the opportunity to compete live in a final showdown. Makeup artists’ abilities of creativity, quick-thinking, resourcefulness, and knowledge of products and applications are tested and make for an exciting display.
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crypticon seattle cosplay contestFor those more versed in shaping fabric and accessories to mimic their idols from real and imaginary worlds, the Cosplay Contest is a true feast for the eyes. Pull your ideas from movies, video games, stories…whatever inspires your nightmares.
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Try your hand at one or all, or just come to watch the fun and enjoy the results.

What's Your Horror Happy?

We are the fans, and what you love in the horror genre is important to us. Who do you want to meet? What would you like to see crawl from the screen into your hands? Tell us your suggestions for guests, exhibitors, and events, and we’ll do our best to make your nightmares come true!

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