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2018 Panels

Dead Media Collectors

VHS, BETA, Laserdisc, CED, Super 8, and many other forms of obsolete media will be discussed by avid collectors. Examples will be shown, and tips on hunting prized titles will be given.

Film Makers Workshop

Do you want to make a horror movie? Want to learn how from veteran film makers? Then please join us in part or in whole in this 10 part workshop where you can learn about directing, editing, writing screenplays, creating practical gore effects, and so much more. Additional information to come.

Gender Roles in Horror Films

We know that horror can be empowering or misogynist toward women from the final girl to disposable victim. Male representation can be problematic also by highlighting violence, impulsivity, and patriarchy. This panel will delve deeper into binary gender roles in the horror film, exploring sexism, feminism, toxic masculinity, rape culture, and empowerment.

HorrorTube Workshop

The horror community on YouTube is growing and there is always room for new creators—all you need is an idea and the right tools. From basics of creating a channel and building your brand to creating your first video, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take you through planning, filming, editing, as well as how to find your audience and make money creating horrific content.

Podcasting Workshop

Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Come learn about what you need to know from the pros. Topics such as software, hardware, editing, publishing, and every aspect of production will be discussed.

Queer Horror

A frank and fun discussion about LGBTQ influence and representation in horror.

Stephen King on Film & TV: The Good, the Bad, and the Unsung

2017 was a great year for Stephen King adaptions, with several new titles including IT on the big screen and Gerald’s Game on Netflix. In the 41 years since Brian De Palma’s adaptation of Carrie, King’s works have been adapted dozens of times over on the big screen and small. Join us as we explore the best (Shawshank Redemption), the worst (so, so many), and the one’s you don’t know but should (Silver Bullet).

Story Writing Workshop

This six part workshop covers everything you need to know about pursuing your dream in writing fiction. You can learn from professional writers how they construct their stories, character development, different software you can use, as well as many other useful tips and tricks. Additional information to come.

The Women of Hannibal

Bryan Fuller’s adaption of Thomas Harris’ novels was groundbreaking and a near instant cult classic. It has changed broadcast television forever by depicting many taboos previously censored by the FCC. Hannibal not only broke boundaries with its gore and violence, but it also had strong and compelling female characters not often seen on TV. This panel discusses what made these characters so unique.

Weird History of the Pacific Northwest

Join Kim Douthit as she guides you through the weird history of the Pacific Northwest. From murder to Black Magic, haunted houses, and dark tales of the cruel people that shaped the communities we live in.

What's Your Horror Happy?

We are the fans, and what you love in the horror genre is important to us. Who do you want to meet? What would you like to see crawl from the screen into your hands? Tell us your suggestions for guests, exhibitors, and events, and we’ll do our best to make your nightmares come true!

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