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2017 Panels

Below are the panel discussions we held in 2017 to help with ideas for 2018 panels.

Alternate Cuts

What’s better: the theatrical release or the later director’s cut? What about foreign films recut domestically? What are the best and worst examples of a recut? When a choice is offered, which version do you watch?
Bob Foster, Michael Montoure (M)

American Horror Story: Through Dante’s Eyes

There are many theories as to how each season of the anthology series American Horror Story are connected, but the most compelling one is the Dante’s Inferno theory. In it, the viewer is guided through each season’s storyline by the writers, just as Dante is by his guide Virgil, through the 9 Circles of Hell.
Brien Christopher, Lily Munn (M)

Are Serial Killers Still “In”?

In the ‘90’s and 2000’s, serial killer movies were all the rage. They’ve fallen off sharply over the past few years. Are serial killers still culturally relevant or interesting? Or are the problems of the real world making them less scary?
Brien Christopher, Jeff Ferrell (M), Ren Wortmann-Cary

Art House Horror

Recent years have seen the release of many horror films decidedly slanted towards the arthouse crowd. Are any of these films worthwhile to horror hardcores? And what makes a film “Art House,” anyway?
Heather Marie Bartels (M), Ian Bracken, Brien Christopher, Seth M. Sherwood

Ask the Embalmer

Writer, film critic and publisher Thom Carnell used to be an embalmer in another life, and he’s here to tell you all about it.
Thom Carnell

Best Decade in Horror Movies

Was horror of the past better than it is now? What was the best decade in horror? Do you love ’70’s grindhouse, ’80’s neon splatterfests, 90’s experimental horror, or the J-horror and French Extreme of the aughts? Does your heart belong to Universal in the ’30’s? Hammer in the ’50’s? Let’s go!
Jeff Dean, Tony Kay (M), Matt Faure, K.L. Young

Best Friends: An Interactive, Crowd-Play Horror Comedy

Help guide the hapless, slacker hero Derek through the irritations and first-world frustrations of surviving the zombie apocalypse while living with his infected and ravenous best friend.
Greg Spyridis

Best Horror of 2016

Let’s talk about all the great movies that came out last year!
Jeff Dean (M), Matt Faure, Bob Foster, Tony Kay, Danny Knightmare, Gory B. Movie, Seth Sherwood

Best Horror Sex Scenes

Sex and horror have been hand and hand throughout history, from ancient legends to “It Follows.” Why is sex so scary? Why is horror so sexy? Who cares? Let’s talk about our favorite genre sex scenes. Grossest, weirdest, creepiest, hottest, most romantic, most wtf… let’s go!
Ian Bracken, Willy Greer, Tony Kay (M)

Black Representation in Horror

From the early years of voodoo movies to the modern interpretation of “zombies,” from Scream Blacula Scream to Candyman to Beloved, the influence of black lives, cultures, sexuality, expressions, politics and humor is found throughout the genre.
Ren Wortman Cary, Crystal Connor, Abie Ekenezar,  Isabella Price (M)

Breaking Into the Film Industry

You don’t have to wait for Hollywood anymore. Individuals and small studios are doing it all themselves. From fundraising to distribution, find out how to get it done.
Jeff Ferrell (M), Gigi Saul Guerrero, Jason Hawkins, Michelle Nessk, Lisa Ovies, Seth M. Sherwood

But Is It a Horror Film?

Sure, it scared the crap out of us, but was “Silence of the Lambs” actually a horror movie? What about “Jaws” or “Fatal Attraction?” Let’s talk about films that straddle the genre or get labeled something other than horror.
Thom Carnell, Paul Carpentier, Adrienne Clark (M), John Lovett, Paul Malleck, Raynor Shima

Casket List

What horror actor or character would you have sex with? Would you survive the encounter? Does it matter?
Kim Douthit, Matt Faure, Jasen A Mortensen (M), SkeleTony,  Taylor of Terror, Greg Spyridis

Cheap/DIY Horror Filmmaking

You have an amazing vision but not much money. Can you still make that terrifying horror film? Sure you can. Get tips and tricks from some of the best.
Jeff Ferrell, Gigi Guerrero, Calvin McCarthy, Lisa Ovies, Joe Sherlock (M),  K.L. Young

Combat Q & A

Join the experts to find out how combat actually works! Multimedia presentation.
Greg Spyridis and Matthew Wagner

Creating a Believable Bad Guy (Writing)

Whether you’re writing a faceless killing juggernaut, a monster, a supernatural fiend, or a suave serial killer, that character has to be believable to make your story work.
Jason Andrew, Jeff Ferrell, Kevin M. Glover, John Lovett, Langley J. West (M)

Creating Atmosphere in Your Writing

Using setting, period, vibe, and all five senses to create a rich atmosphere for your horror novel or story.
Jason Andrew (M), Satyros Phil Brucato, John Lovett, Greg Spyridis

Cults in Horror

Cults have inspired some of the most memorable horror in history, from The Wicker Man to Starry Eyes. What are the best cult-related horrors? Do cult-driven plotlines have a future in horror?
Connor, Crystal, McGalliard, Julie, Carpentier, Paul, Sypridis, Greg, Matt Faure

Dawn of the Dead Group Interview with Gaylen Ross and Scott Reininger

An interview with the stars of “Dawn of the Dead”, Gaylen Ross, and Scott Reininger!
Interviewer: Thom Carnell

Dead Media Collectors: A Hands-on Lesson About the Evolution of Home Video

Check out examples of U-Matic, Cartivision, Super 8, Betamax, VHS, SelectaVision (CED), DiscoVision (Laserdisc), hi8, as well as many other formats of home video, and watch a timeline of the home video market from its beginning to today.
Jasen A. Mortensen

Devil Made Me Do It, The

The depiction of Satanism in pop culture, from movies to books to public opinion.
Satyros Phil Brucato (M), Matt Faure, Tony Kay, Julie McGalliard, Michelle Nessk, Greg Spyridis

Doug Bradley Interview

An interview with “Pinhead” himself, Doug Bradley!
Interviewer: Jasen A Mortensen

Dr. Virginia Presents

Join Dr. Virginia Morris for a tour-de-force of medical horrors. This is a visual presentation. Bring your barf bags.
Dr. Virginia Morris

Druggie Horror

Our society has always had a love/hate relationship with drugs. Starting with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, drugs have popped up in horror throughout history. From the cautionary tales of the 60’s and 70’s to modern takes on altered consciousness, drug horror is always entertaining.
Friday, 11PM, Cascade 5 & 6
Tony Kay (M), Paul Malleck, Julie McGalliard

Erotic Horror

Let’s face it, scary is sexy. Erotic horror is a huge subgenre of horror literature, movies, and television. Where can you find all this scary/hot content?
Cobalt Jade, John Lovett, Michelle Nessk, Greg Spyridis, Langley West (M)

Evil Dead, Howling and Beyond: Space Goat Publishing

Join us for a sneak peek of our Summer and Fall 2017 line-up of Space Goat books—like Evil Dead 2, The Howling, Dark Lily, and Ted Naifeh’s Heroines!
JD Boucher, Amelia Thompson

Extreme Underground Horror Films

You only think you’ve seen it all. Check out some movies you’ve never heard of that just might melt your brain, explode your eyeballs, give you nightmares, and/or make you barf.
Ian Bracken (M), Calvin McCarthy

Films of George Romero, The

Celebrating the films of George Romero, from “Night of the Living Dead” to today.
Tori Bracken, Thom Carnell (M), Susanne Lambdin, Michelle Nessk

Focus on the Killer

While most horror movies are about victims, others feature the antagonist as the main character. Are these movies inherently hard to get into? What makes the good ones work? Is it wrong to see the world through the eyes of a killer?
Ian Bracken, Jeff Ferrell (M)

Friday the 13th/Return of the Living Dead Interview with Thom Matthews

An interview with actor Thom Matthews from “Return of the Living Dead”, “Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI”, and “Return of the Living Dead II”
Interviewer: TJ Tranchell

Gender and Transgender in Horror

Horror frequently deals with issues of gender, but sometimes not particularly well. Transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, and intersexed people are frequently portrayed as frightening or dangerous. Let’s ditch those dumb clichés and explore the possibilities.
Kim Douthit (M), Michelle Nessk, Evan J. Peterson

Get Out: Is It a Gamechanger?

Urban horror and conspiracy horror are nothing new, but “Get Out” may be the first movie to combine them. What does “Get Out” mean to the horror genre as a whole? What has it changed, what has it done differently from other movies, and what are the meanings behind the film and its cultural/societal implications?
Ren Wortman Cary, Crystal Connor, Abie Ekenezar,  Isabella Price (M), Raynor Shima

Going Beyond: Searching Out Hard-to-Find Genre Films

Some genre films are hard to find, others are next to impossible. How can you find the rare content you want? You have to be willing to explore the web, second-hand stores, your creepy cousin’s basement, and more…
Jeff Dean, Matt Faure, Paul Malleck (M), Joe Sherlock

Great Horror Filmmakers and Their Lesser Known Films

Hidden gems by the greats of the genre.
Bob Foster, Thom Carnell, Becky Sayers (M)

Halloween Decorations: A History

Pumpkins and witches and ghosts. Oh my! Learn about the history of Halloween’s iconic decorations, from its ancient Pagan roots to turn-of-the-century party games to modern digital decorations. Join AtmosFX Marketing Manager Mike Gills on an historic haunting tour of our favorite holiday.

Haunters: Tales from the Trenches

There are some wonderful Northwest haunts, and wonderful people who run them. But being a haunter isn’t for the faint of heart. Get tips, tricks, and true hair-raising tales from some of our area’s best haunters.
Kim Douthit, TJ Tranchell (M), Greg Spyridis

Have We Outgrown the Ghost Story?

Tales of ghosts terrified Victorian audiences. But are ghosts scary enough for modern audiences who’ve seen it all? What makes ghosts scary? Do the unquiet dead still have the power to chill us to the bone?
Tori Bracken, Crystal Connor (M), Jeff Ferrell,  Michael Montoure, Isabella Price

History of Zombie Films, The

The history of zombie films, from the Universal Haitian zombie movies to today.
Tori Bracken, Thom Carnell, The Reverend En Fuego, Tony Kay, Isabella Price (M)

Horror Animation: Beyond Anime

There have been some amazing animated horror movies, from “Mad Monster Party” to “Paranorman.” But there’s also so much terrific animation to be found on the web. Artists like Felix Colgrave, David Firth, and Cyriak are breaking new ground.
Michelle Nessk, Roxy Minerva, Lorelei Shannon

Horror Cosplay: Working With Extraordinary Materials

Creating awesome cosplays via the art of sewing spandex, gluing latex, working with Worbla, and casting resin gems out of polyurethane and polyester resin.
Jerikanda Cosplay, Abi Sue Cosplay (Hosted by TAP Plastics)

Horror Gaming

Horror roleplaying games are experiencing a renaissance. A lot of modern gamers want content that goes beyond shooting monsters in the face. And there are so many great independent horror computer games out there. Let’s talk about our favorite scary games.
Jason Andrew, Ian Bracken, Satyros Phil Brucato (M), Jason Hawkins

Horror Movie Music

Music can make or break a horror movie. But what makes a horror movie score good? What are some of the very best (and worst) horror movie scores?
Matt. S. Ellison, Esquire, Jeff Ferrell, James Gillen, Willy Greer, Amie Simon, Semih Tareen (M)

Horror Musicals and Theater

Evil Dead. Carrie. Thankskilling. Hit cult horror films and… hit cult musicals? Why do two such distinct genres frequently collide, both onstage and on screen?
Bob Foster, Tony Kay, Ken Richter, TJ Tranchell (M)

Horror of Star Trek

The Star Trek universe has always had its dark side. Horror has popped up here and there in every series. What are the best scary episodes?
Julie McGalliard, Susanne Lambdin (M), Ken Richter,  Matt Wagner

Horror on the Web

There’s a lot to be scared of on the internet. Creepypastas, the SCP foundation, terrifying web comics, and freaky videos (supposedly) from the Dark Web. But is the real horror found in other people?
Adrienne Clark, Calvin McCarthy (M), Julie McGalliard

Horror versus Religious VS Horror as a Religion

Did you grow up in a religious household where horror was banned? Or were your parents horror fans who took you to your first slasher movie at 5? How did your upbringing influence your love of horror?
Matt Dinniman (M), Matt. S. Ellison, Esquire, Gigi Saul Guerrero, James Gillen, Langley J. West, Jordan Williams

How Far Can Too Far Go?

A lot of us love extreme horror, but are there limits as to how far it should go? A Serbian Film caused a global freakout. Toe Tag Pictures has made some movies that could put you in therapy for years. But we keep seeking out more and more extremity. Should we rein in our genre in, or push harder than ever?
Ian Bracken (M), Thom Carnell, John Lovett, Calvin McCarthy, Lorelei Shannon, Raynor Shima

Introducing Kids to Horror

What are the best books and movies to interest your little monster in the world of horror? What is age appropriate, and when? Should you wait until your kid is 30 to watch The Human Centipede? And more fascinating discussion points…
Kevin M. Glover, Danny Knightmare (M), Paul Malleck, Gory B. Movie (M), Anthony Navas, Becky Sayers, Seth Sherwood

John Amplas Interview

An interview with John Amplas from “Martin”, “Day of the Dead”, “Creepshow”, “Knightriders”, and more!
Interviewer: Jasen A Mortensen

Judith O’Dea and Russ Streiner Interview

An interview with Night of the Living Dead’s Barbra and Johnny!
Interviewer: Tony Kay

Ken Foree Interview

An interview with Ken Foree from “Dawn of the Dead”, “Knightriders”, “From Beyond”, and more!
Interviewer: TJ Tranchell

Knife Fight!

The knife violence you’ve seen in the movies is mostly all wrong. Langley West and Thom Carnell demonstrate what really happens…
Thom Carnell, Langley J. West

Let’s Write a Creepypasta!

Get together with a disreputable horror writer and come up with the most terrifying creepypasta ever! Or more likely, the silliest/grossest/dumbest  creepypasta ever. The results (whatever they are) will be posted on the Crypticon website immediately!
Lorelei Shannon

Lisa Ovies Presents “Puppet Killer”

Join filmmaker Lisa Ovies for a preview of her upcoming horror film “Puppet Killer,” and stay for fun stories from the cast and crew!
Lisa Ovies, Eric Carbery, Lisa Durupt, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Michael Lyons, Michelle Muldoon,

Low-Budget Filmmaking: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Yes, there is a wrong way to get that shot. Before you waste your time, break your camera, or cause an actor rebellion, come to this panel and learn from people who have been there and lived to tell the tale.
Jeff Ferrell, Gig Saul Guerrero (M), Jason Hawkins, Calvin McCarthy, Joe Sherlock, Greg Spyridis

Luchagore Interview with Gigi Saul Guerrero, Luke Bramley, Raynor Shima, and Jordan Williams

An interview with the powerhouse filmmaking team behind Luchagore Productions!
Interviewer: Tony Kay

Matt Shaw Interview

An interview with extreme horror author Matt Shaw!
Interviewer: Eric Morgret

Matthew Lillard Interview

It’s a Scream and lots more, Matthew Lillard!
Interviewer: Tony Kay

Mental Illness in Horror: Inspiration or Exploitation?

“Psychos,” “madmen,” “lunatics,” and dark, forbidding mental hospitals are all horror staples. But is portraying your bad guy as mentally ill unfair to people who are actually dealing with mental illness? Most mental illness is invisible to the outside world. Are we giving mental illness a bad name? Or is it understood that the horror movie “psycho” is mostly a fictional creation?
Mark W. Coulter, Matt S. Ellison, Esquire, Paul Malleck, Lorelei Shannon (M), Matthew Wagner

Northwest Superstars of Podcasting Mixer

Meet some of the Northwest’s best podcasters, hear their stories, and find out how you can start your own podcast!
Thom Carnell, Matt S. Ellison, Esquire, Bob Foster, The Reverend En Fuego, SkeleTony, Taylor of Terror, Jennifer Lovely, Michael Montoure, Langley J. West

Pacific Northwest Horror Enthusiasts and Friendship Society

Let’s get together IRL and chat about our favorite subject.
Heather Marie Bartels, JD Boucher, Rebecca Brown, Matt Dinniman, Bob Foster, Jennifer Lovely, Michael Montoure, Michelle Nessk, Danny Knightmare, Gory B. Movie, Lorelei Shannon

PG-13 Horror: Watering Down the Genre?

PG-13 horror is here to stay, for the very simple reason that major studios want tweens’ money. Is it watering down the genre? Is some of it actually good? Is it possible to tell a terrifying story without hitting an “R” rating?
Luke Bramley, Adrienne Clark, Taylor of Terror, SkeleTony, The Reverend En Fuego (M), Raynor Shima


The series wrapped up in 2016 and early 2017 saw the release of several big box sets. Let’s talk about the franchise and the controversial final installment.
The Reverend En Fuego, Jasen A. Mortensen (M), Joe Sherlock, Amie Simon, K.L. Young

Philosophy and Horror: The Un/Ordered Universe

Does evil exist in the world as an oppositional force against good? Movies like The Exorcist and The Omen seem to argue so. Or perhaps what we call “evil” is simply the natural state of man, a state that exists without order or purpose, as suggested by True Detective and Seven. Unlike traditional discussion panels, we would like to stage this as more of debate, with each of us presenting a different perspective on the nature of evil.
Thom Carnell, Brien Christopher (M), John Lovett, Nick Sciarrone, TJ Tranchell, Matt Wagner, Anthony Navas

Politics and Horror: Monsters of Fascism

This panel will discuss how horror can function as a political protest against fascism in America and throughout the world. We will also explore the best movies for surviving the particularly troubling times we currently find ourselves in.
Satyros Phil Brucato, Brien Christopher (M), Mark W. Coulter, Anthony Navas, Becky Sayers

Queer Horror

We’re seeing more and more queer themes and characters in modern horror, with American Horror Story currently leading the charge. Will “Queer Horror” become a strong sub-genre? Or will queer characters and themes just be mainstreamed into the horror genre? Which is the better outcome?
Matt. S. Ellison, Esquire, Tony Kay, Kevin M. Glover, Evan J. Peterson (M)

Reading: Brien Christopher

Something scary from author Brien Christopher.

Reading: Crystal Connor

Something scary from author Crystal Connor.

Reading: Evan J. Peterson (18+)

Evan will be reading his short story “Drinking Rituals of the Apollonian Dionysians”. Mature content, 18+)

Reading: Jason Hawkins

Jason will be reading a scene from his feature length script “The Body Collector”– a horror script based on his actual time working as a body collector in Southern California–a script that’s being looked at to become a major feature film.

Reading: Jerome St. Martin

Something scary from author Jerome St. Martin

Reading: John Lovett

Something scary from author John Lovett.

Reading: Julie McGalliard

Julie will be reading an excerpt from her novel Stripping Down to Scars.

Reading: Lorelei Shannon

Lorelei will read you something horrifying, and something absurd. Not necessarily in that order.

Reading: Matt Dinneman

Something scary from author Matt Dinneman.

Reading: Michael Montoure

Something scary from author Michael Montoure.

Reading: Michelle Nessk (18+)

Michelle will be reading from her upcoming novel Devil’s Habit. (Mature content, 18+)

Reading: Phil “Satyr” Brucato

Something scary from author Phil “Satyr” Brucato.

Reading: T.J. Tranchell

T.J. will be reading his short story “Bury All Your Secrets in My Skin”.

Reading: Thom Carnell

Something scary from author Thom Carnell.

Reading: Willy Greer

Something scary from author Willy Greer.

Real Life Serial Killers

Nope, they aren’t Hannibal or Dexter. Who are they really? What drives them?  Why are we so fascinated with them?Jason Andrew (M), Jeff Ferrell, Bob Foster

Repo! The Genetic Opera, Devil’s Carnival, Alleluia

Love them or hate them, these unique entries to the horror genre have stirred things up. What makes them so compelling?
Kim Douthit, Lily Munn (M)

Return of Vestron Video, The

The classic VHS line came back in 2016 as a Blu-ray line from Lionsgate. Let’s talk about those releases and previous Vestron VHS titles we’d like to see released.
Thom Carnell (M), Tony Kay, Jasen A Mortensen

Romance of Horror

Is it possible to have a horror romance with being, well, Twilight-level icky? The romance between Boone and Lori in “Nightbreed” was hot, and Dracula gets all the sexy ladies. What kind of edgy romantic horror have you seen or read? And what would you like to see?
Kim Douthit, Matt Faure, Tony Kay, Gory B. Movie, Julie McGalliard (M)

Roy Wooley Interview

An interview with Roy Wooley, special effects artist and star of the TV show “Face Off”!
Interviewer: Robert Buchta

Scream Queen: Sexist Label or Empowering Title?

Barbara Crampton recently publicized her disdain for the “Scream Queen” moniker that has been used to describe her career. She was met with a mixture of responses from fans, filmmakers, and fellow actors known for the work in horror. How do you feel about terms like “Scream Queen” and “Final Girl”? Should we do away with them, or just include the guys?
Heather Marie Bartels, Tori Bracken, Rebecca Brown, Becky Sayers (M), Amie Simon, Evan J. Peterson

Scream! What Keeps Us Coming Back?

The first “Scream” movie premiered in December, 1996, delivering a delightful package of horror, humor, and sly meta commentary on the whole slasher movie genre. Since then there have been three more movies and a spin-off TV show.  What is it we love so much about “Scream”?
Danny Knightmare, Gory B. Movie, Bob Foster, Kim Douthit, The Reverend En Fuego, John Lovett

Screenwriting 101

You have this great idea for a movie, but how do you go about writing the screenplay? Ask the people who’ve done it! Learn from the best Northwest screenwriters around.
Jeff Ferrell, John Lovett, Becky Sayers, Seth M. Sherwood, Jordan Williams, K.L. Young (M)

Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror Literature

Sure, you’ve got the nerve to watch the worst splatter films, but have you tried injecting horror directly into your brain? There’s some stunningly intense horror literature out there. Let’s take a look.
Luke Bramley, Thom Carnell (M), John Lovett

Strangest Franchises

There are long-running movie series that don’t really go together at all. House, The Invoking, Silent Night Deadly Night, Ghoulies, Prom Night, Howling, Leprechaun, and the list goes on. Are they fun or just irritating? And how do they keep getting made?
Ian Bracken, Adrienne Clark, Matt Faure (M)

Terminator and Evil Dead 2: The Board Games

Space Goat’s board game team brings details about the Evil Dead 2 board game and their ongoing Terminator Kickstarter! We’ll be diving deep into mechanics, features, expansions, for both of our upcoming games and be answering questions from the audience. There may even have a sneak peek of an upcoming game & con exclusives.
JD Boucher, Amelia Thompson

The Scary Clown Epidemic: WTF???

Why the hell were scary clowns terrorizing the country last fall? Is it a mass prank? Performance art? A bunch of random idiots? Are you afraid of scary clowns? Are YOU a scary clown?
Jason Andrew, Robert Buchta, Matt Dinniman (M), Abie Ekenezar, Gory B. Movie, Danny Knightmare, Kevin Hansen

True Tales of Murder (18+)

Are you fascinated with terrifying killers? Do you want to learn about some of the worst from some of the Pacific Northwest’s most twisted minds? Join us! WARNING: Some presentations may contain graphic images or footage of murder victims. Attend at your own risk. 18+
Tori Bracken presents: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, serial sex killers and kidnappers
Jasen A. Mortensen presents: Luka Magnotta, the YouTube Killer, Butcher of Montreal
Lorelei Shannon presents: Juana Barrazza, aka The Lady of Silence, serial-killing luchadora
TJ Tranchell presents: John Delling: The Road Trip Killer

Underrated Masters of Horror

Let’s talk about the horror masters that don’t get as much love as the Carpenters or Romeros of the world. Underrated filmmakers like Jeff Lieberman, Claire Denis, David Schmoeller, Mary Harron, Richard Franklin, Jennifer Lynch, Narciso Ibanez Serrador, Antonia Bird, and Larry Fessenden…
Thom Carnell (M), Willy Greer, Bob Foster, Jennifer Lovely

Unflinching Eye, The

What is it that causes you to turn your head to look at an accident? Why do you click that link, even when you know you’re about to see something terrible? An unfiltered, open minded discussion of morbid curiosity
Heather Marie Bartels, Matt. S. Ellison, Esquire, Jasen A Mortensen (M), Ken Richter,  Matt Wagner

Villains and Heroes from Russian Folklore

Learn more about the intriguing characters of Russian folklore. See beautiful artwork that Baba Yaga, Koschei the Deathless, and many other characters have inspired. Appropriate for all ages.
Faina Lorah

Weird Science/Awesome 80’s Group Interview with Judie Aronson, Jill Schoelen, and Suzanne Snyder

An interview with Judie Aronson from “Weird Science”; Jill Schoelen from “The Stepfather”, “Popcorn”, and “When A Stranger Calls Back”;  and Suzanne Snyder from “Weird Science” “Night of the Creeps”, “Return of the Living Dead Part II”, and “Killer Clowns from Outer Space!”
Interviewer: Doug Willott

Werewolves: Awesome Monsters or Played-out Puppies?

Hollywood’s last big werewolf movie fell on its furry face. Most recent original werewolf cinema has come from independent filmmakers, but even that trend has fallen off. What is the future of werewolves in horror?
JD Boucher, Mark W. Coulter, Susanne Lambdin, Julie McGalliard (M), Gory B. Movie, Danny Knightmare

What Makes Horror Relevant Beyond the Genre?

There’s no doubt that horror influences society and vice-versa. But how relevant is horror to modern culture? Does it have something to teach us, or is it simply an outlet for our fears and bloodlust?
James Gillen, Willy Greer, Jennifer Lovely (M), SkeleTony, Taylor of Terror

What Was It About the 80’s? With Special Guest Craig Muckler!

OK, we know some of you are absolutely obsessed with 80’s horror. What was it about that decade that made horror so much fun? Let’s talk about it with our local professional 80’s fiends, and special guest panelist Craig Muckler of “Microwave Massacre”!
Matt S. Ellison, Esquire, The Reverend En Fuego (M), Michael Montoure, Lisa Ovies, Amie Simon

Who Would Win?

Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees? Cenobites vs Deadites? Chucky vs The Leprechaun? Candyman vs. Peloquin? Scooby Doo vs. Zoltan: Hound of Dracula? Let’s come up with ideal horror cage matches and how they’d end up. 3…2…1…FIGHT!
Matt Dinniman, Michael Montoure, Jasen A Mortensen, SkeleTony, Taylor of Terror, Douglas Willot (M)

Witches in Horror

We’ve seen some seriously scary witch movies recently, including “The Witch” and “The Autopsy of Jane Doe.” What are some of the best classic witch movies? And what do we want to see next?
Satyros Phil Brucato, Adrienne Clark, Evan J. Peterson, Julie McGalliard, Gory B. Movie, Danny Knightmare

Women in Horror: More Extreme than the Guys?

Horror moviemakers like Gigi Saul Guerrero, Jessica Cameron, and the Soska sisters are making some wonderfully ghastly horror. Could it be that women are naturally more visceral than men?
Tori Bracken, Adrienne Clark, Crystal Connor, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Lisa Ovies (M)

Writing Horror: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

No. Do NOT write that story about the mugging victim who turns out to be a vampire/werewolf/demon/serial killer. And more friendly advice.
Jason Andrew, Satyros Phil Brucato, Kevin M. Glover, Julie McGalliard,  Evan J. Peterson (M)

Zombies as a Cultural Mirror

Zombies have represented all manner of things in the world of horror, from xenophobia to the grotesquery of mass consumption to mindless obedience. What movies do it best? And what do zombies mean today?
Brien Christopher, Mark W. Coulter,  Susanne Lambdin, John Lovett (M), Matt Wagner

What's Your Horror Happy?

We are the fans, and what you love in the horror genre is important to us. Who do you want to meet? What would you like to see crawl from the screen into your hands? Tell us your suggestions for guests, exhibitors, and events, and we’ll do our best to make your nightmares come true!

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