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Our esteemed panel participants.

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Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Lisa. His short fiction has appeared in markets such as Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF (Harper Collins), Coins of Chaos (Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing), and Songs of the Sun and Moon (The Onyx Path). In 2011, his story “Moonlight in Scarlet” received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s List for Best Horror of the Year. Jason has written for a number of role-playing games such as Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, and Vampire: The Masquerade. His most recent projects include V20: Rites of the Blood (The Onyx Path), Shadowrun: Street Grimoire (Catalyst Game Labs) and Atomic Age Cthulhu: Terrifying Tales of the Mythos Menace (Chaosium). Recently, he has served as Developer for Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade and Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse for By Night Studios.

Heather Marie Bartels

Host of SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film class, Genre Program Coordinator for Walla Walla Movie Crush, former Managing Director of the Rainier Independent Film Festival, former Assistant Programmer for SIFF Cinema and alumni of the University of Washington Cinema Studies department. Heather loves mixing her horror with film theory and feminism.

JD Boucher

JD is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Space Goat Productions, the publisher of the Evil Dead 2 and The Howling board games and comics. He also runs, an online database of spooky and gothic comics.

Ian Bracken

Northwest filmmaker who loves oldschool shocking and disgusting horror films. Attend his panels at your own risk.

Tori Bracken

Tori Bracken is an independent film maker, tattoo artist and vhs hoarder. She and her husband run Bracken Basement Productions.

Luke Bramley

Born in Vancouver BC Canada, Luke is one of the co-founders of Luchagore Productions, a film production company that specializes in Mexican horror. His expertise is cinematography, and he loves to create visuals that disgust and terrorize audiences!

Rebecca A. Brown

Rebecca A. Brown is co-editor of Monsters and Monstrosity from the Fin de Siècle to the Millennium: New Essays (2015). Her current and forthcoming publications focus on monsters in picture books, ghosts in YA-fiction, as well as children in horror fiction and film. She teaches at University of Washington-Bothell and North Seattle College.

Satyros Phil Brucato

Best-known for his work with White Wolf, Onyx Path Publishing, Realms of Fantasy, and newWitch magazine, Satyr has racked up almost 30 years of professional publishing credits in fiction, games, journalism, comics, films, and now - with the release of the debut album by his occult rock band Telesterion - music. Recent projects include the aforementioned album, the Mage 20 book series, and the urban fantasy webseries Strowlers. Pagan proud, and generally barefoot, he's a very busy boy.

Thom Carnell

Thom Carnell's fiction has been featured in CARPE NOCTEM Magazine (including the recent 20th Anniversary Edition), the horror anthology, BLOODY CARNIVAL from Pill Hill Press, SWANK magazine and in his novel NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED and the short story collection, MOONLIGHT SERENADES. As a journalist, his interviews and profiles can be found in CARPE NOCTEM Magazine (for which he served as Head Writer and Creative Consultant), FANGORIA Magazine, Dread and He’s also one of the hosts of the weekly film discussion on "The Bonus Material Podcast."

Paul Carpentier

Paul M Carpentier is President of Seattle Horror Organizing Committee, and ran the World Horror Convention in Seattle. He is a vampire enthusiast, and enjoys twisted humor. He and his spouse, Julie McGalliard, enjoy traveling and the arts, when she is not writing. Who am I kidding. She is always writing.

Brien Christopher

Brien Christopher is a writer/producer in the Seattle area. He is one of the founding members of Cascadia Dread, a creative collective creating and promoting horror in the Pacific Northwest.

Adrienne Clark

Adrienne is a writer, editor, and musician from Seattle. She is a contributor to Horror Novel Reviews, Addicted to Horror Movies, and Best Comic Books. When not writing, she can be heard playing with the indie dance band Killer Workout. She is a firm believer that every day is Halloween.

Crystal Connor

Master Imaginationist Crystal Connor is a Washington State native, currently working in the Department of Sleep Prevention as the Chief Imagineer overseeing the Nightmare Division. She loves anything to do with monsters, bad guys (as in evil-geniuses & super-villains. Not "those" kind her mother warned her about), rogue scientific experiments, jewelry, sky-high high-heeled shoes & unreasonably priced handbags. When she’s not terrorizing her fans and racking up frequent flyers miles by gallivanting all over the country attending fan conventions and writer’s conferences she reviews indie horror and science fiction films for both her personal blog and

Mark W. Coulter

Mark W. Coulter is a general horror fan and writer of horror stories and other genres of speculative fiction. He is also working on some online readings of classic horror stories. Online he can be found at: Twitter: @Mark_W_Coulter

Jeff Dean

Co-host of Kaijucast podcast, writer for Living Dead Magazine.

Miss Violet DeVille

Miss Violet DeVille is a transgender woman and a class act from a history that never was. The Timeless Trollop is a steampunk with a love of mixing performance with nudity! This international performer is based in the Seattle area where she produces regular shows like Wheel of Tease, the New’d Cabaret, and Worlds’ End Burlesque Revue, and travels outside her lair to perform in exotic locales like Sequim, Boise, Santa Fe and Piscataway.

Matt Dinniman

Matt Dinniman is a writer and artist from Gig Harbor, WA

Kim Douthit

Kim is the Supernatural Honey for as well as their magazine, Belladonna. She also works as a tour guide and paranormal investigator at Spooked in Seattle.

Abie Ekenezar

Abie Ekenezar is an actress, filmmaker, singer, “Cosplayer” from Seattle, WA with an extensive background resume in the entertainment industry with IMDB credits in just three years. She's working with the next gen of TV & Film professionals on Strowlers, released by ZOE and soon with BabsEk Prod.

Matt S. Ellison, Esquire

Co-creator of the Cinema Triforce podcast (2012-present), he has degrees in acting, philosophy, and history. He is so grateful for the random series of events that brought him to Crypticon panels 4 years ago. Thanks for the push, Jas!!

Matt Faure

Strange Aeons contributor.

Jeff Ferrell

Jeff Ferrell is a writer, producer, director, actor, author and musician. His films include the supernatural horror GHOSTLIGHT, and the recently released serial killer thriller DEAD WEST. His is also the author of the ghost story anthology The Book of Whispering Spirits, and his debut solo album as singer/guitarist, Color in the Black, was released in 2014.

Bob Foster

Bob Foster is a recent graduate of Film Studies and English Lit from Seattle U. He’s also been involved in shadowcast productions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show across the country for 16 years (we’re the weirdoes in the costumes blocking the screen), currently in Tacoma at the Blue Mouse Theatre and Friday night here at Crypticon. You can find his writings, reviews and musings at and with that same name on Facebook and Twitter. He occasionally guest hosts on Cinema Triforce podcast – find us on iTunes!


A world traveler, a man of many talents & experiences, and a fearless adventurer. Gadget is originally from Alaska where he earned his PhD in chemistry with hopes of someday earning a Nobel prize. In 2010, he worked briefly at Houston's NASA space center before returning to Seattle.... where he now plays bad B movies at home to keep the zombies, pirates, and possessed bunny rabbits away. His hobbies include weird sciences, horror movies, cooking, traveling, photography, & making unique art.

James C. Gillen

James Gillen is the award winning author of the Paul Isaac Vampire Series, including Tortured Skin, Crimson Madness, and Sins of Retribution. He has won the Royal Palm Award and Imajinn Award for best in horror.

Kevin M. Glover

Kevin M. Glover, founder and publisher of Scary Tales Publishing, has been hooked on horror since he was a wee tyke. Perhaps best-known as the producer of the cult classic features DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS, VENUS FLYTRAP, and the early LGBT horror fave, LOVE BITES, Kevin is a multiple award winning screenwriter and published short-story author as well. For the past several years, Kevin has been actively expanding his comic book line-up with the horror anthologies "FRACTURED SCARY TALES" and "MONSTER SMASH-UPS", his critically acclaimed, kid-friendly "SUPERED-UP MONSTER KIDS" and the soon-to- be released mini-series, "LADY FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MUMMY'S BRAIN". A frequent video lecturer, convention panelist and artist/vendor, some of Kevin's comic work can be seen at

The Grave Plot Podcast

The Grave Plot Podcast consists of hosts SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror. Tony is a life-long horror fan and one half of The Grave Plot Podcast, where, along with his co-host Taylor of Terrror, he talks about everything horror every other week. Tony is also a film reviewer, a writer and director. Taylor of Terror is the co-host of The Grave Plot Podcast. Every other week he and his fellow host SkeleTony highlight news and review movies from around the horror world. Taylor also writes and acts in short horror films for Grave Plot Films.

Willy Greer

Willy Greer is the author of Shadow Play: Philosophy and Psychology of the Modern Horror Film, as well as a composer, podcaster, and screenwriter. He saw the original Friday the 13th at the tender age of eight, and has been a horror fan ever since. His podcast Horror Holocaust Radio, co-hosted by Jeff Dean, ran from 2004-2011. Currently, he hosts the podcast Film Cult (fan commentaries with a Jungian perspective). He is also hard at work on his second book, Spicoli Vs. Jason: Gen-Xploitation Cinema, and is ushering his slasher screenplay Second Skin into production.

Gigi Saul Guerrero (Luchagore Productions)

Gigi is commonly known for her gritty “Tex-Mex” style with a touch of grind-house gore in her filmmaking. She was born and raised in Mexico City in a family of artists, and now resides in Vancouver B.C. where she graduated from Capilano University with a BA in Motion Picture Production. Guerrero was recognized in 2016 by Women in Film and Television Vancouver, where she received The Innovation Award for her dedication to her craft and influence on women in the industry. She is a prolific filmmaker on the rise, and has directed over 16 shorts including the viral hit “A Luchagore Christmas” featured by famed horror director Eli Roth. She also directed the segment “Dia De Los Muertos” (part of the feature anthology “Mexico Barbaro)”, “M is for Matador” (which is included in the ABC’s of Death 2.5), and lastly, who can forget the fan favorite "El Gigante", recognized internationally by the horror community. Gigi is the female creative force behind "Luchagore Productions", mixing audience-driven horror with a heavy dose of Latin culture, delighting and entertaining global audiences everywhere.

Kevin Hansen

Captain Spaulding was originally played by Sid Haig in Rob Zombie's cult classics, "The Devil's Rejects" and "The House of 1000 Corpses". Actor Sid Haig met Kevin Hansen at KC Crypticon and did a double-take; they do look alike, but only one is dangerously funny.

This creative Cosplayer, (g)host, and entertainer serves fried chicken and child-friendly humor to his fans and friends. Not many can resist giving this big clown a friendly hug. Only one person out of twenty runs in sheer terror! Kids, bikers, moms, sisters, grandmothers, and horror fans love Captain Spaulding – he has the photos to prove it!

Jason Hawkins

Jason is a filmmaker based in the Pacific NW who has worked with such horror icons such as Adrienne King and Eileen Dietz. You can find Jason's films in Redbox, on itunes, Amazon and many VOD outlets.

Steve Holetz

Steve Holetz is producer and co-host of The BoneBat Show, a long-running, Seattle-based comedy, music and pop-culture podcast. He is also director of the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award-nominated BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest, recently named one of the Top 5 Coolest Comedy Film Festivals on the Planet, and organizer of the BoneBattle Gaming Tournament. When not interviewing artists for The BoneBat Show, viewing films for the festival, or enjoying movies, comics and games with his family, Steve can be found spinning independent metal, rock and punk music on the Bonehand Heavy Half Hour, which is found at

Tony Kay

Seattle-based freelance writer Tony Kay covers film for City Arts magazine and website, and music for and Since 2012 he's participated in scores of Crypticon panels. His onstage Crypticon interviews with Don Coscarelli, Marilyn Burns, Richard Kiel, Cassandra Peterson, Joe Bob Briggs, Dee Wallace, and several other horror luminaries earned him the title of “The James Lipton of Horror” from some guy in a Re-Animator T-shirt once. Punk rock legend Henry Rollins once proclaimed Tony’s movie-nerd kung-fu to be “devastating, gnarly, and crushing” on national TV.

Michelle Kilmer

Michelle Kilmer is a horror enthusiast from Seattle, WA. When she is not writing, she enjoys hiking and camping, playing guitar, weightlifting, dressing up in "full gore" to attend zombie-related events, web design, and gaming. Her writing portfolio includes the novel When the Dead, the novel The Spread: A Zombie Short Story Collection, the writing collections Last Night While You Were Sleeping and When You Find Out What You're Made Of, and the reverse chronologically told Mistakes I Made During the Zombie Apocalypse. Several of her short stories can be found in other books including Roms, Bombs, and Zoms from Evil Girlfriend Media and A Very Zombie Christmas from ATZ Publications. After many adventures, she currently lives with her twin sister, two attack cats, a mending heart, and a fear of the dark.

Danny Knightmare

Co-host of Horror Addicts with Gory B Movie, and their young son LOLZ. Horror Addicts are the spooky family that reviews all things horror on YouTube. You can find their channel at Danny is also a indie pro-wrestler of 15 years. He also enjoys writing and has finished several screenplays and is continuing to develop more in addition to the many shorts and characters he has created for Horror Addicts. His favorite being Canadian Jason who is sure to turn up again when the Horror Addicts family review The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

Susanne Lambdin

Credited with writing part of ST:TNG Eps. 76 Family, Susanne writes the Dead Hearts Novels and is called the Zombie Lady. She knows all about zombies and Borgs, which adds up to zombie cyborgs... her series has it all.

Faina Lorah

Faina Lorah is a Russian-born author and oil painter based in the Pacific Northwest. Her unique style combines fantastical dreamscapes, Victorian elegance, and Russian fairy tales. Her works have new approaches to steampunk-inspired art in a way that is immediately striking but approachable.
Faina recently won multiple Best in Show and Director's Choice awards at national steampunk conventions and has been appearing at events throughout North America. She is currently working on her first book of Russian fairy tales.
Her work can be seen at

Jennifer Lovely

Co-creator and co-host of the Don't Read the Latin podcast.

John Lovett

John has over twenty years of experience as a producer, screenwriter, and military technical adviser for television and film productions. Writer or co-writer of two produced movies as well as over one hundred television or motion picture scripts. He has taught screenwriting and motion picture production at national writers conferences. Leading a private screenwriting group in Los Angeles of over twenty members, served as creative mentor for screenwriters and writers. Produced over 100 podcasts for LA Screenwriter and Two Script Guys on screenwriting, creativity, and interfacing with the television and motion picture industries.

Paul Malleck aka “Dormarth”

I've been pumping out "Dormarth's Horror Review" A physical horror vhs fanzine since 2002 with 19 Issues, I currently have 3400 physical copies of horror films, with 90% of that being VHS. I've been featured in the documentaries ADUST YOUR TRACKING, REWIND-THIS, PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND, and VHS: THE SHLOCUMENTARY, and the web-series PACIFIC NORTHWIERD. Besides horror I love metal, nature and Squatching. I hate C.G.I.

Calvin McCarthy (7th Street Productions)

Calvin Morié McCarthy was born April 28th 1992 and raised in Vancouver WA. He began his career as an actor at age 16 playing Romeo in his high school theater production of "Romeo and Juliet". He has appeared in such films as "the Adults in the room", "Lake Noir" and "A House A Home". Calvin has gone on to direct two feature films, "3 flies in a widow's web" and "". Calvin also directed and produced the documentary "Manos: a conversation with Jackie Neyman".

Julie McGalliard

Julie McGalliard is a writer and occasional cartoonist.
Her first novel, Waking Up Naked in Strange Places, was released in 2015. Her short stories have appeared in the magazine Talebones and in the anthologies Witches, Stitches & Bitches: A Three Little Words Anthology (Volume 1) and Space Grunts: Full-Throttle Space Tales #3.
She lives in Seattle with her husband Paul, a fellow lover of books and New Orleans.
At her day job she is a web developer for Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute. She is not, technically speaking, a scientist. But she is a scientist enabler.

Michael Montoure

Unreliable narrator Michael Montoure writes horror and urban fantasy about hidden truths, secret dealings, and our changing pasts. He's standing right behind you.

Jasen A. Mortensen

Jasen is a Seattle area movie critic and contributing editor at WatchPlayRead. He currently has a movie collection of over 5,000 titles, a majority of those being Horror. If you see him at the convention please stop and say hi. He loves meeting new people, and loves talking horror.

Gory B. Movie

Co-host of Horror Addicts with Danny Knightmare, and their young son LOLZ. Horror Addicts are the spooky family that reviews all things horror on YouTube. You can find their channel at Gory B is also a practicing witch of 20 years and a writer of horror fiction & non-fiction. She was recently listed as one of the top 7 female horror bloggers by PopHorror. Currently, she is working on the final edit of her first novel about a woman whose son is bitten by a werewolf.

Lily Munn

Lily is a professional portrait artist living in the Seattle area. She is a former hairdresser, makeup artist (SFX and film/runway), and uses those skills to make costumes and props for cosplay, as well as for art. She also loves coffee, miniature things, collects bats and Monster High, enjoys watching and discussing American Horror Story, as well as other classical art and literature, and hanging out with her furry feline daughter.

Anthony Navas

I am a screenwriter and occasional actor who collaborates with the filmmaking group Cascadia Dread. A native Floridian, I moved to Seattle five years ago to escape the sunny beaches and warm weather.

Michelle Nessk

Michelle Nessk, (pen name; M. Nessk) is an indie horror artist, writer, and filmmaker. Their works have been seen in various mainstream media outlets. Michelle is the owner of Gloomy Sunday Productions and is the creator of Horrors of the PNW, the annual Crypticon Seattle / Gloomy Sunday collaborative showcase. This will be year five of filming, and year four of presenting. Michelle also co-owns the indie pop culture news site; The Blood Shed.

Lisa Ovies

Lisa Ovies is an award winning producer, director and actress currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. She launched her first production company 'I No.Films' in 2011 and in 2014 she had her directorial debut with the film 'I Wanna Date U'. In the same year the film 'Taking My Parents to Burning Man', which Lisa produced, took home audience choice awards at multiple film festivals. In 2016 she directed her first feature film, the comedic slasher 'Puppet Killer' starring Richard Harmon and Aleks Paunovic. Lisa is also the owner of ANFAgency and Rogue Studios, which is home to 2 production companies, an improv school and a children's acting school.

Evan J Peterson

Evan J Peterson is the author of The PrEP Diaries, The Midnight Channel, and Skin Job. He co-produces and co-hosts SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film Class in Seattle. His writing has recently been featured or is forthcoming in Nightmare Magazine, Weird Tales, Queers Destroy Horror, The Book of Three Gates, and Unspeakable Horror 2. Check out for more.

Isabella L. Price

Isabella L. Price is a filmmaker, artist, and scholar with a focus on representation in media, living in the Seattle area.

Ylva Mara Radziszewski

Ylva Mara Radziszewski is a witch, folk medicine practitioner, herbalist, activist, and writer based out of Seattle, WA. She is a teacher of the witches' Healing Craft and founder of Crow Song School of Traditional Magic. Ylva is also the co-founder and sole proprietress of The Cunning Crow Apothecary, an herbal boutique and healing center in Seattle, Wa. For more information about her work visit or

James Roach

Queer writer obsessed with American Horror Story.

Becky Sayers

Becky Sayers was raised on 80’s action, campy slashers, and first-person shooters. Armed with a clunky VHS camcorder, she fell in love with filmmaking at the age of thirteen in the rural Pacific Northwest. Countless short films and bottles of fake blood later, she’s gone on to write about the genre and direct two feature films.

Nick Sciarrone

Mental health professional in Seattle Washington, intending to discussing the meaning behind horror films and, in particular, to discuss the difference between horror films whose narrative structure portrays a battle between good and evil verses horror films which portray the terror of a meaningless universe.

Lorelei Shannon

Lorelei Shannon is a horror writing, music-loving, film-obsessed gothabilly mama. She lives outside Seattle with her beloved family. Her hobbies include sculpting, reading, getting tattoos, cultivating carnivorous plants, blowing stuff up, and drinking tequila.

Joe Sherlock

Award-winning indie horror filmmaker Joe Sherlock is a veteran of over 30 feature and anthology films. Writing, directing, shooting, editing and scoring most of his own projects, Sherlock's extensive body of work includes "Drifter," "Beyond The Wall of Fear," and "Blood Creek Woodsman" which have been screened at festivals, conventions and cool theater pubs across North America. His work as director of photography for other indie directors include "Manos Returns," "The Evilmaker" and "Platoon of the Dead." An accomplished illustrator, Sherlock's graphic novel "Demonized" was published by Hard Case Comics. Peek into Sherlock's sci-fi horror world at

Seth M. Sherwood

Seth is a Los Angeles based screenwriter, director, designer, and producer. His feature screenwriting credits include LEATHERFACE for Millennium/Lion’s Gate, HELLFEST for Valhalla/CBS Films and has had spec scripts in development with Blumhouse, Relativity, and Film Engine. His most recent spec has attached Gary Fleder to direct and he is currently developing an original TV series with UCP. He is an E.P. on two upcoming Millennium films: DAY OF THE DEAD and FALLEN ANGEL. Seth has also directed an award winning short film entitled FRUITCAKE and a Fed Ex commercial he hopes no one ever actually sees.

Amie Simon

Amie is a girl who grew up loving scary movies — the more splatter, the better. You can read her movie musings at &

Greg Spyridis

Greg Spyridis believes adding career skills is reality's version of leveling-up, and so has lived a somewhat eccentric, Swiss Army Knife of a life. Greg's a writer who works in the games industry as a narrative designer, world-builder, and tabletop mechanics and game developer. He's also been an actor, improv comedian, stuntman, fight coordinator, high-risk security contractor, and a martial arts, firearms, and close combat instructor. He cooks, dives, fights, games, tells crazy stories, and keeps dwarf bunnies as pets.

Semih Tareen

Semih Tareen is a multiple award winning film composer based in Seattle with 18 years of experience scoring symphonic and midi scores for feature films. His latest score for the neo-noir serial killer, DEAD WEST, has recently been released as a soundtrack album. His horror film music work was released as a compilation called "Dark Symphonies" (Karanlik Senfoniler). He studied film scoring and orchestration at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program where he was mentored by two-time Emmy winning film composer Hummie Mann. He studied filmmaking at the Seattle Film Institute.

The Reverend En Fuego

A fan of zombies, The Reverend En Fuego is on the air weekdays with BJ & Migs Mornings, on 99.9 KISW in Seattle. He's also the host of BJ Shea's Geek Nation!

T.J. Tranchell

T.J. is the author of "Cry Down Dark," co-editor of "Give" with Michelle Kilmer, and holds a master's degree in literature from Central Washington University.

Matt Wagner

Retired Army Ranger. Experienced in real world disaster management. Worked as a Technical Advisor for the entertainment industry (SG1, BSG and others). Lifelong Kaiju aficionado.

Langley J. West

Langley J. West is an artist and FX artist, has written for Stop Motion Magazine, is a Co-Founder of the Bleedingham Film Festival and Co-Host of The Bonus Material Podcast.

Jordan Williams

Jordan's fire for filmmaking was sparked in high school while taking a multimedia course. His curiosity about the film industry and fascination for cameras led him to Capilano University where he studied for two years. Jordan has been working with LuchaGore Productions since its inception in the camera and lighting departments.

Douglas Willott

Douglas Willott is the program director for Central Cinema in Seattle's Central district. He is also a member of Jet City Improv, and has worked with many Seattle theater companies over the past 15 years.

Ren Wortmann-Cary

I saw Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors when I was 7 and was terrified. I didn't sleep that night. It took me a couple more years to recover and around 9-10 years old, I fell in love with early 90s horror and sci-fi like Flatliners, Terminator 2 and Silence of the Lambs as well as made for TV movies based on true murders. More recently, I've fallen in love with "My Favorite Murder" style podcasts. I've also considered myself goth since high school and still enjoy hanging out in cemetaries.

K.L. Young

K.L. Young is a screenwriter/filmmaker and one-third of Maelstrom Productions. He is also the Executive Editor at Strange Aeons Magazine.

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